At Steve Hahn Auto Group, we make it easy for Yakima locals to keep their vehicles in excellent condition. From routine inspections and tune-ups to essential parts replacements and repairs, we've got you covered. Read on to find out how visiting our service center is a great way to protect your automobile.

We Offer Oil Change Services

Regular oil changes keep automotive engines functioning like they should. Our team will help you establish the right engine oil change schedule based upon your average driving distance, vehicle's age, and budget.

Whether you need oil with a lower or higher viscosity to match the current season or you're planning a major road trip, we'll tailor our oil change service to ensure the best possible results. We'll also replace your oil filter, check and top off your other fluids, and replace your engine air filter and cabin air filter if needed.

Stay Safe With Our Tire, Brake Check, and Wheel Alignment Service at Steve Hahn Auto Group

Schedule service with us to ensure responsive brakes, optimum traction and control, and assured confidence on Yakima roads. We're here when you need tire change-out or tire swap services, urgent tire replacements, and brake inspections. If your braking system isn't performing like it should, we can change out your worn brake shoes or brake pads, shave and refine your rotors, and more. Our wheel alignment service will also improve your vehicle's fuel economy and overall handling.

Keep up to Date With Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance by Visiting Our Service Center in Yakima

We offer end-to-end automotive service. Our team will help you stay up to date with all manufacturer-recommended maintenance including tune-ups, radiator flushes, cooling system inspections, and more.

You can count on Steve Hahn Auto Group for superior workmanship, needs-specific solutions, and all of the information you need for making informed decisions about your automobile. Get started now by calling or visiting us today.

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